The Blog on Technology and Intellectual Property Law aims to serve as a forum for expression of the authors’ views on various topics of IP law and technology. We wish to create a resourceful one-stop destination for posts on IP law and technology, while keeping the quality of submissions at the centre of it.

The following points should be kept in mind while writing for the blog – 

1. A post shall be accepted for publication if it falls within the scope of the blog. It is essential that a post be contemporary to the current debates in IP law or technology or have an angle which deals with such debates. The author/s may write to in case of any confusion regarding the selection of topic.

2. The word limit for a post should ideally be 800-1200 words. The body of the post should be chapterized into various parts in order to make it easy to follow.

3. Considering the semi-formal nature of the blog, it shall be appreciated that referencing be done only through hyperlinks, wherever necessary.

4. Each post shall undergo a two-stage internal review process. In order for a post to be successfully published on the blog, the author/s may be required to alter the language/grammar, justify her/his structure/position on the law and reply to the comments of the reviewers.

5. Co-authorship of upto two authors is permitted.

6. Submissions to the Blog shall be accepted on a rolling-basis and shall be open to students, academicians and professionals.

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We earnestly hope that the IP and tech law enthusiasts will take time out to write for the Blog!