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The Cell for Studies in Intellectual Property Rights (CSIPR) was established in the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, with an aim to promote and develop knowledge in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The primary goal of the CSIPR is to enhance awareness of IPR in the University by involving students in meaningful discourse.

In order to do so, the CSIPR organizes conferences, seminars, and guest lectures regularly. The CSIPR promotes research in IPR across India by organizing the presentation of research papers by students and research scholars. In conducting these programs, the CSIPR has worked in collaboration with authorities, such as the Ministry of Human Resource and Development and renowned organizations like the Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India.

The CSIPR facilitates the publication of the annual flagship NLIU IPR Law Journal, which publishes articles on various national and international issues of IPR law. Through the Journal, the CSIPR aims to introduce students to myriad aspects of IPR, so as to enable them to gain a deeper insight into the multitude of contemporary issues surrounding it.

Prof. (Dr.) Ghayur Alam [Chairperson, CSIPR]

Prof. (Dr.) Ghayur Alam is the senior-most Professor of Law at NLIU, Bhopal. He has been a part of the University since its inception. Being one of the most distinguished academicians in the field of law, Prof. Alam has many publications in the forms of books, articles, and handbooks to his credit. Furthermore, he has authored/co-authored many reports for various departments of the govt. Nonetheless, his area of interest lies in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and Business Laws (a subject he also teaches).

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III Year: Venkatesh Sahu

II Year: Laya Peyetti, Medha R. Laxmi and Rishitosh K. Akshaya

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Head: Rayana Mukerjee

III Year Students: Aadya Bansal, Diksha Bhatt, Navya Saxena, Raunak Patidar, and Shreya Chandok

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